Friday, December 21, 2007

Bergeson watch is over

A media something-or-other finally put finger to internet and saw that OSPI chief Terry B. is running again, so my vigil is over. Olympian Education Blog:
According to the Public Disclosure Commission, Bergeson's committee filed its registration paperwork a few weeks ago, as did Richard Semler, who (according to our sister paper The Tri-City Herald) is the soon-to-be retiring superintendent of the Richland School District. Donald Hansler of Spanaway filed a campaign committee registration form in 2006, but nothing else since then.
Leave it to a blogger though, in this waining days of my watch, to take a close look at a couple of roots of the race (if this race were a tree...). Ryan at I Thought a Think:
The business community loves Terry Bergeson, because the business community gains personally from the higher standards of education that the WASL represents. The WASL is a very bottom line assessment, something that business leaders understand, and I don't know that there's anything that teachers or parents could say that would turn their heads to our way of thinking.


Terry's biggest donations might come from the private sector, but her largest numbers of donors are those who work under her.


There are an awful lot of people around the state who have a personal stake in seeing Bergeson returned to office. They have history, cache, an in; however you want to put it. If a new wind blows their boat goes off course, and that's when personal self interest kicks in and gets them to reach for their wallet.

Everything I've heard and seen speaks to the idea that Richard Semler is a good man. I've heard him talk about the how the testing system in Washington has gotten far away from any educational purpose, and he's right. Living here in Eastern Washington, where we voted Tom Foley out of office when he was Speaker of the House, I should probably be more optimistic.

As things stand, though, Bergeson is racing with a Porsche while Semler hops behind on a pogo stick. And that's why she's going to be, once again, the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
My thoughts on this entire thing is that we should focus less on making employees and focus more on making citizens. But, I'm a liberal arts major, so you'd expect that.

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Ryan said...

Thanks for picking up on my post.

It's going to be an interesting race for OSPI. It sounds like to know Semler is to love Semler, and he's certainly qualified for the job, but with Bergeson having the system that she does it's a hard thing for any challenger to overcome.

Merry Christmas!