Friday, December 28, 2007

Seattle no longer most literate. I blame Jeff Shaw

Seattle fell to second place behind that city that was in about the middle of Fargo. You know, I think it was the one with the bar where the creepy guy tried to hit on Francis what's her name.

Blame can be spread widely, but I blame this fall from grace, and the rocket accent of that yet unnamed upper Midwest city on Jeff Shaw, who moved from the "Seattle area" (Bellingham) to there earlier this year.

His reading power is so... uhmm... powerful that the Twin of this city moved from 11th to third, when I have good information that Jeff's never stepped out of his car in St. Paul (there I've said it). Crap, we're surrounded!

Not that Jeff would let something like this go to his head:
Verily, I think I speak for all us learned and sagacious denizens of these dual metropolises when I say: Suck it, Seattle. I hereby challenge Seattle Weekly's talented and debonair web editor, Chris Kornelis, to a read-off. Alternative weeklies at 10 paces.
Jeff is either smart in challenging his corporate sister paper, or smart to not challenge the Stranger's Amy Kate Horn, who everyone knows is a much better reader than Chris Kornelis.

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