Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Emerald City Greens?


That's supposed to be the name of our new MLS team in Seattle?

I was reserved to living with Seattle FC or even Emerald City FC, but I was really hoping they'd stay with Sounders.

Emerald City Greens?

Eat your greens.

UPDATE: I'm not going to say its growing on me, but my instant reaction is mellowing.

Here's the discussion over at GS, which is less mellow.

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artistdogboy said...

I know everybody is in love with the Sounders moniker. But I must admit I have hated it from the beginning. What the hell exactly is a sounder anyway? Someone who lives near a sound. How freaking outside the box is that? I've been permanently damaged and I feel dirty and violated having to admit my home town side is called the Sounders. I'll refrain from talking about how stupid the nickname the Seattle Storm is for now.

I like the Emerald City FC better.