Monday, January 28, 2008

5 thoughts on the last "great" Husky team in the Seattle Times this week

Have a good week Dawg fans. Do yourself a favor and read the Times' series cover to cover and think hard.

1. We already new that Stevens and Pharms were this side of evil and that Neuheisel was a snake. But, now we have the details and we know about the King County prosecutors office was helping out.

1a. I'm probably not the first person to draw an analogy between the current discussion on the stadium and this series, but before I actually hear or read it: the foundations of Husky football are shaky in more ways than one.

2. What's it worth to have a good team if you lose your soul in the process?

3. How hard is it going to be to fire Ty Willingham now? Former mayors offering up $100,000 for his head now seem pretty childish compared to what was going on before Ty showed up. Yes, the team should win, but in a post Don James world, we shouldn't have to accept rape, robbery and multiple hit and runs to get to the Rose Bowl.

4. Wasn't ALL Rick's fault. Lambright was the one that recruited Stevens. But, then again, who knows how he would have handled Stevens, given the chance. Neuheisel was certainly lax.

5. And, I'm thinking -- Good God -- that maybe some things are worth it if college football has gotten to the point that we have to accept stuff like this to get that far. Neuheisel is back in the conference, so we will have to compete with his lowest common denominator.

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