Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And I thought our caucuses were bad (closed caucuses in Montana)

Our caucuses that will get a ten percent voter turnout are bad, but not this bad (via Left in the West):
Only party leaders will vote in today's Republican presidential caucuses in Montana, but many in the rank-and-file apparently didn't get the word.

"The public thinks there's a Republican election tomorrow," Deb Mart, elections supervisor for Cascade County, said Monday. "There's not."

Northcentral Montana clerk and recorders were besieged by calls from residents about where and when to cast ballots in today's Republican caucuses, which are advertised as part of Super Tuesday.
At least we invite the public, yikes.

By the way, I got the total turnout number by assuming about 200,000 turnout to both the Dem and Republican caucuses together and dividing it by the number of registered voters in 2007. Montana Republicans may suck more, but we still suck.

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