Friday, February 22, 2008

Contact your Superdelegates (credit where credit is due)

I take a lot of time to criticize the state Dems, but this was a great idea:

The Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) has six superdelegates. Superdelegates are unpledged Party leaders who will have a vote for the Democratic nominee for president. Because the race is so close this year, superdelegates could play a vital role in choosing the nominee. The six WSDCC superdelegates are Chair Dwight Pelz, Vice Chair Eileen Macoll, and DNC members Ed Cote, Sharon Mast, David McDonald, and Pat Notter.

Use the following form to send a message to the superdelegates about which nominee you think they should support. You can choose to lobby individual superdelegates or choose to lobby all of them.

I never thought of emailing my super delegates to get them to vote one way or another. Honestly, I think of them as isolated activists that weren't likely to care what I thought. But, now I will because Dwight showed me how.

I don't say this often so: Thanks Dwight Pelz!

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Particle Man says:

Emmett, people should send Dwight three emails since he actually has three votes. In adition to Dwights own status as a super deligate he gets to pick whoever he wants to serve as two additional super deligates.
If you are thinking about washing dwights car. Give it up. I understand he had to hide it cuz folks were rubbing the paint off and flooding the parking lot. Dwights sailboard needs waxing though. So have at it.