Friday, February 01, 2008

Crist v. Baird, will she get Move On help?

One interesting note from the Thurston Democrats meeting on Monday that I forgot to pass on:

Cheryl Crist, who ran against Brian Baird in 2006 2004, is going at it again. The difference this time is that Baird made waves in Southwest Washington (and the country for that matter) by supporting the Iraq surge.

Before finally announcing her run on Monday, she's been getting some vocal support:
Linda spoke about the need to get the attention of those who represent us in Washington, DC. The people are angry that their voices are not being heard. "I am pleased to tell you that Cheryl Crist is seriously considering running against Brian Baird in the Democratic primary," she told the audience. Cheryl rose to a standing ovation. It was another gift this holiday season for those who have begun to lose faith in the political system.
She was also listed at a potential "Peace Candidate" here.

Though not the most liberal of congressmen, Baird certainly didn't face much discontent among Dems in 2006, especially given the blue wave that year. No one was going to waste time challenging a sitting Dem when we had so many Republicans to beat.

But, this time around, it might be different for Crist. People have been downright disappointed with Baird. So, if Moveon is still as serious as they were last September when they were considering putting money behind D challengers, Crist might have a better (or at least better funded) chance this year.

From the Hill:

“There are a few key things to keep in mind,” the e-mail said. “We would only get involved in a primary race if MoveOn members in the district or state wanted to — and a majority supported that primary challenger. And we’d focus on races where a progressive had a good chance of beating the sitting Democrat and also winning the general election.”

Last month, the group began airing ads in Rep. Brian Baird’s (D-Wash.) district. Following a trip to Iraq, Baird had announced that he would withdraw his support for a withdrawal deadline and wanted to give the troop surge more time, saying that it is showing positive results.

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Austin said...

As a life long Democrat (75) who worked to get Baird elected I am very disappointed in him. He let us down and could be called a Turn Coat...Its obvious he support McCain and not those running on the Democratic ticket. We had over 500 at the Town Hall meeting in Vancouver voicing our concern regarding his desires to keep troops in Iraq. That was one of the issues he was trusted support...get out of Iraq. He made it clear he knows more then us and wants to continue spending billions there. He has made no effort to bring to justice those that are using this war for profit. He certainly no longer represents us. He made it clear to me, a Korean Veteran of the 50's that he intends to keep troops in Korea forever also costing billions. We hve over 30,000 troops protecting Korea but cant protect our own borders. His lack of support on a good medical system allowing Kaiser and other HMOs to rip off Medicare, staing his commments about buy American but fails to tell us just where we are to go to buy American when everthing is made in China...and his support of Communist China and other such nations that at one time were considered evil and we were sent off to fight them in Korea and Viet Nam....shows his lack of knowledge of history. Add in problems of education, gas, economy and we have a looser and he does need to be replaced.