Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From Republican PCO to Democratic delegate in an afternoon

One story from over the caucus weekend continues to intrigue me. It starts out with the crashing sounds of web servers at the Thurston County Republicans. I assume because the state party website was sending all interesting parties to county party websites for caucus locations, the Thurston Republican's website crashed.

So, if you were an interested party on the morning of caucus Saturday, looking for your Republican location, you were sort of out of luck.

This includes on Republican Precinct Committee Officer from Olympia 15.

Now on the Democratic side, if a PCO didn't know where his caucus was weeks before, we would be screwed. Not only did we depend on that PCO to know where the caucus would be, but to bring with him or her a manila envelop full of paperwork so he could run the caucus. No so strict on the Republican side I guess.

But, this particular Republican PCO for Olympia 15 didn't let the failure of the internet stop him. He just went to a Democratic site and became a delegate for Obama:
I was all revved up to attend the Republican caucus as the PCO for the 215. Only I couldn’t find the place. The Thurston County Republican Party’s website was down all morning, and the information I had written down ahead of time–that I should go to the Madison Elementary School–did not appear to bear itself out in reality. I could not find the caucus’s location.

So I went with D to the Knox Administrative Center for the Democratic caucus instead.
Because there website failed, the Republicans lost a PCO who was "revved up" for the Republican caucus.

Granted, this is a guy who became a Republican PCO through the Ron Paul campaign, and then disavowed Paul because of some of the Texas Congressman's more... uh... weird stands. Someone who probably should have been on our side anyway. But, a failure on their side nonetheless.


Chris said...

As the subject of this post, I wanted to chime in on one perhaps misunderstood detail: the Republican leadership was not as disorganized as it may appear. The Thurston Republicans did hold at least two PCO meetings/trainings that I was unable to attend. And I was told by the party leadership, because I failed to attend a PCO meeting, another PCO (Bob Van Schoorl, Oly 11) would bring the caucus paperwork to the caucus site (which was shared by Oly 15 and Oly 11). That said, the reason I missed the PCO meetings is I was not informed of them until after the fact...

Emmett said...

Doesn't that you didn't hear about the caucus training indicate they were unorganized? M'eh, I probably shouldn't care too much about that, Dems seem to carry some pride in being unorganized, and I should just polish that.

Either way, I'm glad you found your way down to the Knox building. I was the PCO in Oly 48 and up on the stage helping people sign in, so we might met shortly.

If you'd like to stick around with the Dems, I could suggest some fun stuff you could help out with. We'd love to have you.