Friday, February 08, 2008

Fuse points the light on our bad attitude about caucuses

One of the arguments for the caucuses back less than a year ago when we were debating which process to use was that people should get out of their houses and caucus. It wasn't an argument about whether people would, but that it was morally better to engage in person than through a slip of paper.

Sure, I'll agree with that. Showing up is way better in all regards of democracy. But, most folks (90 percent of voters lets say) still won't be bothered.

But, of course everyone that voted to have the caucuses will show up, so we tend to have a holier than though attitude about this kind of stuff.

Fuse Washington shows exactly how holier than though. They put together a list of all the reasons someone can't attend a caucus. Of course they forget about "I have to work," but they bother to put in my wife's reason for not going:
I don't have childcare

Bring the kids with you! Anyone can attend the caucus (although you have to be 18 years old by election day to particpate). Then you can make them write a paper on the democratic process.

My son will be napping throughout the caucus process, so we're under no circumstances bringing him to a crowded room full of excited Democrats. And, if we did have childcare, who do you think is providing that childcare?

Someone shut out of the caucus.

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