Friday, February 29, 2008

Rep. Brendan Williams wants to buy an ad for homeowners

Rep. Brendan Williams (from my own 22nd LD) is looking for folks to feature in an ad in the Olympian, supporting the homeowners bill:
Dear Friend:

Once again, Sen. Brian Weinstein (D., Mercer Island) and I are working to pass a Homeowners' Bill of Rights. Once again, we're opposed by the powerful Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW). We need your help!

There is no accountability in our state for defects in new homes, unless such defects actually cause a home to collapse. Your new home need not even be fully-constructed. Senate Bill 6385 would grant to buyers of single-family homes the same statutory warranty protections condominium buyers have.

Although many other states provide statutory warranty rights, and many go further and allow homeowners to sue builders for negligence, BIAW claims protecting consumers would destroy the building industry. Indeed, they actually blame consumers for their builders' negligence!

Of course, BIAW has also claimed women are "eradicating manly jobs"; denied global warming's existence; denied the Puget Sound needs cleanup; worked in concert with far-right civil rights' opponents to try to take over the Washington Supreme Court; attacked unions; and has even described Governor Gregoire as "a heartless, power-hungry she-wolf who would eat her own young to get ahead"!

Look at the facts: D.R. Horton is the nation's largest homebuilder, and does business in other states that provide substantive protections to homebuyers. Obviously it's profitable to do so.

To counter the homebuilders' millions in campaign contributions,there's no organization for homeowners who've been victims of homebuilder's negligence. That's why I'm personally paying for an ad in The Olympian to promote this issue (if BIAW has not already killed the bill in our fast-paced session).

I would be honored if you would lend your name to the statement, "We support Representative Williams' efforts on behalf of homebuyers' rights." I'll list all the names in the ad and include a photo of a local home damaged by negligence.

We cannot allow the voice of consumers to go unheard, and this is the best way I can think of to create visibility. Will you please lend your name to this effort? If so, please respond at your convenience with your full name and address. Thank you so much.


Brendan Williams
State Representative
House Majority External Relations Leader
22nd District

P.S. Let's not let dreams of homeownership turn into nightmares.

I have my own questions about the legislation, but if you're interested you can email him at olylaw -- at -- gmail -- dot -- com.

To me the most interesting thing isn't the ad he's going to buy with his own money, but the already used way he refers to the BIAW. When in doubt, go with the "they claimed women are “eradicating manly jobs”; denied global warming’s existence; denied the Puget Sound ecosystem is imperiled;" line.

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