Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thomas à Kempis on partisanship

My Lentin mission is reading and listening to Imitation of Christ.

One very good passage that got me thinking last night about more than Jesus:
If God were always the sole object of our desire, we should the less easily be troubled by the erring judgment of our fancy.
Better translation for my purpose here:
If God were the sole object of our desire, we should not be disturbed so easily by opposition to our opinions.
Granted, this is a very small quote from a very thick book where every sentence seemingly has great meaning. So, I'm not trying to say that Kempis was talking about politics, just that that passage made me think about politics.

The debate going on between Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton, and their supporters, on the style of politics that works best, I think relates to this. And, the overall debate over partisanship, whether working together is actually a good thing.

Opposition to your belief shouldn't result in knee capping your opponent. Some things are bigger than winning.

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