Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sports link-mania dump (Vote Sounders)

1. While I defended the Seattle Republic, I'm going to vote Seattle Sounders tomorrow and through the rest of the week. And, so should you.

2. Watching Cork City tie with Derry City over the next few days. The game was played last Friday, but is still available for streaming over at RTE.

3. Might watch the Charleston Cup over at USL Live, but I was really hoping to download it and watch it on the ol'Ipod. But, seems like they made some security enhancements this year, so downloading seems to be out.

4. Just realized last night that I am the Beckham effect. Kartik at the US Soccer Show went on a very good rant at the end of the podcast about the impact of Beckham: soccer commercials during the NCAAs and MLS having higher ratings than the EPL in the United States.

I'm probably in the demographic that MLS wants to see. I played soccer in high school, but slowly stopped following soccer at the same time the MLS was building. I watched World Cup games, but only out of patriotism. Only after Beckham signed (ten years later) did my interest get stoked again. Also, having a DVR and Ipod helped.

Listen to Kartik's show here.

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