Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What is a Sounder? I am a Sounder. We are Sounders

I was going to make this point in this post, but I decided to start a new one because I think this point stands on its own.

There are plenty of actual definitions of "sounder," but none that actually make sense for the name of a professional sports franchise. Over at the Goal Seattle Museum, a story from 1974 asks the question "what is a Sounder?" without actually answering it.

So, lacking a better definition, and using as the image of the franchise a symbol that is more geographic than anything else, a Sounder is someone from Puget Sound.

What is a Sounder? I'm a Sounder. We are Sounders.


GS-1 said...

Long live the people and long live the name!

Anonymous said...

It's a dog dammit