Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I wish the Democratic Party in Washington State was more like Chad Lupkes

I don't think I've ever met Chad in person, but I feel his wake a lot down here in Olympia, and I'm pretty late in saying that I appreciate his efforts.

In a way I wish there were more people like Chad, but there already are hundreds of people in the state party that do what he does.

Washington Democratic Chairs
is a much better website than our state party website. Much more focussed on being creative and giving tools to citizens than doing whatever the state party website does.

Just an example, here you can find a shape file and a kmz file for precincts for most counties in Washington.

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Chad Lupkes said...

Not shapefiles yet, because there hasn't been any demand for them and I don't have a copy of ArcGIS yet. I'd like to wait until I do so I can control the projection a little better. Every one that I get seems to be different because there isn't a statewide standard in place by the county GIS departments.

Thanks for the kudo's, Emmett!