Friday, May 09, 2008

What's with the quote marks comrade?

I was going to post this on Olyblog, but Sarah beat me to it.

Skelly over at the local public defender blog points to the apparent disrespect in the anarchist-activist-rock-thrower community to public defenders:

danny might be able to get a 'public defender', but there will still be major costs associated with the trial...

If he qualifies for the p.d., what major costs would those be? And what's with the quotation marks, 'comrades'?

Well, as ramblini points out over at OB, Anarchists and Socialists (statists) don't really like each other. I guess as public defenders are an extension of the state, an anarchist wouldn't really like them.


Anonymous said...

"Anarchists and Socialists (statists) don't really like each other"

This is grossly inaccurate. It's not even like saying Democrats and Republicans don't like each other. Some anarchists are socialists and some socialists aren't statists. Anarcho-syndicalists' for example, are socialist anarchists who basically believe in what would be considered "Union rule"

The quote marks were likely there because public defenders suck. Not their faults, they're immensely overworked.

Skelly said...

Thanks for the love, Rob! Way to build community! Comforting to know that the fact that I suck is not my fault, just as the fact that the May Day march sucked is not yours.

Or, we could both agree to put aside the broad brush, and acknowledge that the dumptrucks among my colleagues are no more representative of all public defenders than the rock-throwers in black are representative of all Olympia May Day marchers.

Public Defender
(and social democrat)