Friday, June 13, 2008

"embedding is coming to soon, very soon"

"Sdf" at the comments over at

I know for a fact (from a creditable source) that the embedding option was not pulled intentionally. TVW changed to a server based delivery technology to be able to serve a larger audience and the code for how they embed their code changed. It was a technical issue only. Embedding is coming to soon, very soon….

Does Sdf=Scott Freeman? If so, he'd be a credible source in and of himself. And, a nice guy if memory serves.

Okay Sdf (Scott), get us some embedding. And, don't break your back trying to get that time parameter thing working. Embedding first.

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Anonymous said...

Well yeah, I wasn't really trying to be too inconspicuous as to who I was :). But y’all do understand what I was stating in goldys blog… The embed code was not pulled consciously; it was a mere effect of an upgrade that benefits everyone since it allowed us to increase the capacity for streams. We fully intended to get you all back to it. As a matter of fact we have been working hard at getting this ready. Most don’t realize that TVW has a very small staff (With an IT staff of 2, me and another guy :)) and a lot of big tech. So we are a very skilled group but it takes time to get things done because we want them done right. So I have a green light on the time code feature and I am sending an email to goldy to ask for feature suggestions before I get this up on our website. So rally the bloggers brains and let’s make this a cool functional and open feature of! I will be working from a beta this coming week and I will get you a link so some folks can test it. I am hoping for 2 weeks from Monday for a launch.