Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here's Jason Osgood, SOS candidate, speaking in Spokane (TVW embed tool test)

To tell you the truth, I'm not all that excited about his candidacy, but this is a way to test out TVW's new video embed tool. So, watch the clip and let me know what you think, not of Jason Osgood, but of the video itself and how easily you can view it.

embed code updated June 19, 12:55 p.m.

From embedding it just now, there seems to be a little bit of a bump between the video and audio starting. The audio went, but the video was frozen. Then both the audio and video began in sync twice before it started for good.

The only major problem was that the video did not end at the point I had wanted it to, it kept on going.

Most of my problems so far have to do with trying to find exactly where in the more than one hour long video file I wanted to start, so its just a problem with the large file size.

Getting the embed code went quickly, as soon as I narrowed down what part of the movie I wanted to show. Generally, good job Scott at TVW.


Scott Freeman said...

Well I have found out what the problem is with it not stopping. The blog site is not using (ignoring) the javascript that tells the player what to do. So.. I am contacting the developer of the player to see if he can add the end the same as the start time happens so I can eliminate the scripting all together.
Does the interface have anything glaringly bad?

Emmett said...

Nothing glaringly bad in the interface. The right code was copied right to my clipboard as soon as I had set the parameters. I usually manually copy and paste the code, so it was nice to see the "copy code" button really work.

Anonymous said...

Looks okay from here on Mac with both Firefox 3 and Safari 3.

Couldn't bring myself to watch the whole clip, though. :)

Scott Freeman said...

I got the stop bugs out!
I have a dev blog here:my dev blog

I looks like we are on track. If you want to update your current video so it stops you can go back to the beta page I sent and replace your code. I hope to publish very soon.

Anonymous said...

the picture is super clear, way better than any other online video i've watched! its great

Anonymous said...

It came right up.. I do believe the very latest of Flash Player is required though or you start getting the "flash debbuger window" popup