Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reserved from the library: Millenial Makeover

From Political Books:

American political realignments seem to come approximately every 40 years, and they dub the alternating political generations "idealist" and "civic." In case you've been on Mars, we're in one right now.

"The members of 'idealist' generations strongly adhere to their own personal values and are unlikely to compromise what they consider to be fundamental questions of right and wrong," the authors write. "Realignments fueled by 'idealist' generations, of which the Baby Boomers are the most recent example, therefore, result in decades of political gridlock, atrophy in governmental institutions, and an inability to resolve big societal and political issues and problems.

From the book itself:

One way to think about Millennials, in comparison to the two generations that preceeded them, is to picture a generational cohort made up solely of Harry Potter and his friends then compare those bright-eyed, overachieving wizards with the adults at Hogwarts, who try to mold their upbringing for good or ill.

...(the Harry Potter series) shows Harry and his team working hard to do their best within the rules set for them to follow and, of course, using their own special ingenuity to save the world whenever necessary.

Baby boomers are the teachers and directors at Hogwarts -- everyone of them individualistic, judgemental egotists who talk more than they act. A few characters such as Hagrid, not in power but always around to try to help, despite less-than-perfect pasts, represent Generation X, the unlucky group sandwiched between two dynamic and dominating generations. moguls, authors, and even politicans make the fundemental error of thinking that today's young people think and act just like they did when they were young. Nothing could be further from the truth

Looks good.

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