Saturday, June 14, 2008

TVW to launch new video embed tool for bloggers in two weeks

Or so says Scott "the Man" Freeman in comments:

So I have a green light on the time code feature and I am sending an email to goldy to ask for feature suggestions before I get this up on our website. So rally the bloggers brains and let’s make this a cool functional and open feature of! I will be working from a beta this coming week and I will get you a link so some folks can test it. I am hoping for 2 weeks from Monday for a launch.

He also says that the original way you could embed videos from TVW wasn't pulled down because of security or copyright issues, but because it wasn't efficient enough:

The embed code was not pulled consciously; it was a mere effect of an upgrade that benefits everyone since it allowed us to increase the capacity for streams. We fully intended to get you all back to it. As a matter of fact we have been working hard at getting this ready.

I trust Scott enough to know that's what actually happened, but when his executive director starts sending out emails for folks to take down videos, sure I was a bit paranoid that they'd taken down the secret squirrel way to post videos.


Anonymous said...

:) your inside oly podcast link:

Emmett said...

Thanks man!

But, Dude! Its Saturday night at 9:30, isn't it a bit late to be working?

Tell me you're not actually working.

Daniel Kirkdorffer said...
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Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Let's get one thing clear: TVW never contacted me to request that I take down any of the video clips I put up. I just got notices from YouTube notifying me that they had all been removed.

As for features:

- fast loading
- start time, end time options in human readable format: HH:MM:SS.

Not much to ask.

Anonymous said...

hehe late? If we dont work all hours things will never get done.. :)

did you get the beta link?