Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TVW vs bloggers (specifically Goldy) continues

Well, this is good news:

TVW would like its coverage to be distributed as widely as possible, but they don’t want it to appear like they are responsible for editing or excerpting their raw footage. We bloggers, on the other hand, can’t very well illustrate our commentary by inserting a link with an instruction to, say, scroll to the 52 minute mark.

To accommodate both our needs, TVW is working on a technical solution: a flash player that we can embed into our posts—like YouTube—but with a contiguous time sequence as an optional parameter. We get an easier way to select and present pertinent excerpts, and TVW assures the integrity of their coverage by serving it themselves.

Except, that TVW already had made it possible for bloggers to embed TVW content, but then took it away.

Yes, the "contiguous time sequence as an optional parameter" would be interesting, but its hardly an excuse not to make already existing flash files hosted on the TVW servers embeddable.

That said, I'll be happy when they get this done. It will make their products much more useful.

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