Thursday, July 24, 2008

One last Lakefair laugh (Republican Party as GOP)

Forwarded by a fellow Thurston Dem:

Just a couple of thoughts.

Their sign isn't very big, but with the wilting upper right hand corner, can you see that this is the Republican booth at Lakefair? I didn't get down this far (only as far north on Water Street to get a Demo burger and an Elephant Ear), so I didn't see this myself.

Maybe they didn't have a big enough sign to be able to say "Thurston County Republicans?"

Maybe they didn't have enough money for a second sign that said "Thurston County Republicans?" And, why don't they sell burgers?

Maybe they're guilty of the same distraction as Dino Rossi. Maybe no one will realize they're Republicans?

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Ken Camp said...

What was hilarious to me about the Republicans' booth was that on Sunday I saw a couple of handwritten signs for candidates along with 1 Dino sign.

Apparently they really needed to sell some burgers to afford yard signs for candidates.