Friday, August 08, 2008

Except they don't explain WHY the builders are going after Robin Hunt

So, the Olympian points out builders money going into the Appeals Court races between Robin Hunt and Tim Ford (whose signs look a lot like John McCain's, btw).

The three cases that the builders are trying to highlight have nothing to do with their typical common refrain of environmental protections being overboard. They're a public disclosure case, one dealing with a sex predator and another condemnation case (well, I guess that might be close to their wheelhouse).

But, its safe to say that the builders don't go after a judge because she ruled badly on cases involving public disclosure. They do go after a judge if she ruled on the wrong side of a case involving Thurston County's comprehensive plan, which governs where people can build things.

From the builders' perspective, she did (here's the ruling).

Local conserverative blogger R. Scott has already tried to tie the case to county commision candidate Sandra Romero, who is a board member of the organization that filed the suit. He says that while defending the case that they eventually lost because of Hunt's ruling, the county spent $1.5 million therby putting the county in deficit.

It isn't enough for them to go after the person who filed suit against bad growth rules, they're going after the judge who said the rules were bad.

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