Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh, that Pam Pugel!

Joe Nilsson, via email:


I'm sure many have seen the BIAW front group's anti-Christine ads focused on transportation. They feature a woman, identified as Pam Pugel, talking about living on a tight budget and slamming the Governor on taxes and transportation.

All is not as it seems. Googling Mrs. Pugel and a little net surfing reveal she is a Republican PCO who lives in a $935,000 Mercer Island home. Her husband works for a high end construction outfit and she works for a Texas based military supply company. She also provides a web testimonial for her tennis coach - I don't think she clips coupons.

I share this as an FYI and in case anyone wishes to pen letters to the editor to the Times, P-I, TNT, or Olympian.

In Solidarity,
Joe Nilsson

Her work in the defense industry

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Unknown said...

So far there's been a letter in the Seattle Times, and one rushing to Ms. Pugel's defense in Friday's Seattle Times 8/22).

Here's another bit of information. While people can argue the market value of Pam Pugel's house, King County assesses its value at $805,000. This is about twice the assessed value of the average house in King County.