Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dino Rossi and Robin Edmondson (and others) on the same sign

I saw the weirdest signs while driving around today. Throughout southern Pierce and eastern Thurston County, there were Dino Rossi signs that featured local candidates. Signs along Highway 507 in Pierce County had Dino Rossi's name on one side and Randi Becker (who is running for state senate) on the other.

There are similar signs in Thurston County with Rossi on one side and Robin Edmondson (county commission candidate on the other.

I took a short video of the Rossi/Edmondson sign on Pacific near Marvin outside of Lacey:

Just a few questions:

1. Who's paying for the sign? Dino Rossi trying to establish coattails? Local party? State party?

The individual candidates (who are both challengers) working together to try to establish connections with a popular Republican candidate who will likely win in their districts, while they have a harder go at it?

2. What is the reporting requirments on a sign that supports two candidates?

3. No matter who paid for it, does this mean that Dino Rossi is bigger than the Republican party in these rural districts that elect Democrats?

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