Friday, September 05, 2008

OH NOES, he's steeling our content!

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Yeah, really he's not.

Olympia Online RSS is a sweet idea.

A bit... uh... janky, but it does the job ok. Its basically a feed aggregator for a handful of blogs in Olympia, a lot like, but that website is less on the janky side.

The arrival of Olympia Online RSS is hilarious because of Jason (enpen)'s reaction to a similar effort by Rick over at Olyblog. Read here.

S6 over at Olyforum does a really good job at not really getting it here as well.

The whole thing drives off the RSS course very quickly into Rick and Jason's personal issues with each other, but Jason's initial point of "using my rss feed on your site is wrong" is very wrong on its own.

It is not stealing content. There are spam blogs out there that blatantly copy content from rss feeds, but neither what Rick is doing at Olyblog nor Olympia Online RSS are doing that. They're linking. Automatically linking, but linking in any form is good.

From cluetrain:

Thesis 7: Hyperlinks Subvert Hierarchy

The ability of the internet to link to additional information – information which might exist beyond the formal hierarchy of organizational structure or published material from such an organization – acts as a means of subverting, or bypassing, formal hierarchies.


Anonymous said...

Janky is good..

Olympia is janky..

Emmett said...

Well, mostly I was thinking that there might be a way not to have them all split, but displayed together by time.

Meh. No worries. Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Emmett. My point was never that it's wrong to have an RSS feed.

You're right about it being an issue between Rick and myself. To me it looks like some major passive aggressive b.s. I tell Rick I don't want my content on his site anymore, he restarts the rss feed pulling from Olympia Standard and then makes a "Poster Wall" set to tags on my flickr stream. At least now the guy is taking some pictures of his own, but it was f'ing puerile behavior.

Emmett said...

I get the point now about it being a personal beef, but earlier (and especially in S6's post), the topic seemed to be the appropriate use of feeds.