Friday, September 05, 2008

Oly2012 not netroots, for now

You're doing it wrong (from their email tonight):

Oly2012 is a net-roots organization dedicated to helping decision-makers significantly improve downtown Olympia before 2012 by mobilizing an active network of well-informed citizens.

Things I know about Oly2012 so far:

1. They don't have a blog, a online bulletin board, or any sort of online exchange (private or public).

2. One of their founding members Pete Stroble does post at Everyday Olympia and Olyforums, but I think that's a far cry from actually being a netroots organization.

I don't have a quick definition right now, but being netroots is more than having an email newsletter and posting stuff to your site every once in awhile. They could add a blog, but its more about an online democratic decision making process than simply discussion.

Being at Everyday Olympia and Olyforums is a good start, but its not enough to call the organization netroots.

I need to think about this some more and email Pete. Or something.

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