Monday, October 20, 2008

Bill Gilbert is the "real" Republican choice for District Court Judge

So little actual information out there on the crowded district court judge race, so I'm passing this along (even though the original blog that posted it decided to take it down).

If you're a Republican in Thurston County, according to the anonymous person who wrote this, you're vote should go to Gilbert:

Regarding Greg Rosen and Bill Gilbert

1. Bill Gilbert knows the County's District and Superior courts well as his experience as a deputy prosecutor here and a defense lawyer give him the required knowledge and working of the District Court. He knows what works well and what doesn't. He wants to make a difference and that's why he's stepping up.

2. Bill Gilbert is endorsed by many crucial people at the Attorney General's office, i.e. those on the 7th floor where McKenna's office is located. These are the people whom McKenna hired. However, there are three strikes against Rosen I'd like you to know:

a. Greg Rosen was hired by Gregoire.

b. He is supported by maybe a couple other career attorneys at the AG office, who are not known to have Republican type of commitment to the Constitution.

c. Greg Rosen is also one of the four endorsed by the Democratic Party. I would not trust his judicial philosophy.
Judicial Race should not be a Popularity Contest (A letter to the editor from a fellow republican)

The County’s District Court Judicial race seems to have degenerated into a popularity contest like electing other politicians. A massive endorsement list does not reflect the quality of a judicial candidate and should NOT be the criteria for voters’ decision. In fact, attorney is a profession which ally themselves more together than any other professions. When was the last time you hear a lawyer testifying against another for legal malpractice? Endorsements from other big legal names actually make me more suspicious of ‘collusion’ within the legal community.

Instead, I urge voters to cast your vote based on the candidate’s ability to make sound judicial judgments (jurisprudence), which is directly related to a candidate’s length of time as an attorney and variety of experience in various areas in the legal field.

A few big names in this race have relatively short experience as attorneys. Sam Meyer, who was endorsed by The Olympian and other big names in the field, has been an attorney for only 13 years. Likewise, Jodi Erickson-Muldrew has 13 years & Laura Murphy has only 8 years.

Bill Gilbert has over 20 years’ legal experience with variety as deputy prosecutors in two counties, pro tem judge in various capacities, and a business owner in private practice. His variety of experience at various levels and capacities in Thurston County courts lend him the most relevant insight into what voters deserve at the District Court.

Bill gets my vote.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmett,

Greg Rosen is the superior candidate for this position. I've worked with 9 of the 12 candidates, and can truly say that Greg is the guy to vote for.

He has the most judicial experience of any candidate - 12 years in the position he's running for, 7 years in Oly municipal, 7 years in Thurston County Superior Court, and he's a current arbitrator.

He was a deputy prosecutor for 8 years and has been an assistant AG for 9 years.

He's involved in our community as current VP of the DRC board, and immediate past president.

He's very involved in the lives of his 2 children - an admirable quality if you ask me.

He was endorsed by Judge Stilz, but has too much integrity to use that info in his campaign materials.

His dream has been to serve in this very position; he has no other political aspirations. He's been campaigning the longest of any of the 12 and deserves our support. He definitely has mine.


PS: I went in front of him for a parking ticket a few years ago; he set the courtroom at ease with his sense of humor and demeanor. This guy is good!

Emmett said...

Thanks Danielle. I really wish I had waited a day or two to consider the thoughts of everyone else I know regarding this race. Not that I'm sure it would have changed my vote, but there seems to be a lot of local knowledge out there popping up all of a sudden now that people got their ballots in the mail.

Anonymous said...

There are several good candidates in this race.

I'm supporting Sam. What made me decide for him is his years as a public defender for indigent clients and his volunteer work for people who couldn't afford a lawyer.

Full disclosure: I'm now working for Sam on his campaign. (And my friend Danielle's working for Greg. Hi, Danielle!)

Danielle Westbrook said...

Hi, Matthew! Wasn't trying to hide my connection...thought it was pretty obvious by my tone!