Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fact checking Ken Balsley on "Chris" Gregoire

Ken this morning:

When did Christine Gregoire become Chris Gregoire? When her political handlers decided she needed to become more friendly and approachable. In her first run for governor she ran as Christine Gregoire, in an effort to appear professional and in charge. This time around, she wants to be seen as just one of the girls.

This is a nice little myth that the governor has tried to repackage herself as a kinder, gentler version of herself. Convenient for a subset of folks that think a strong female leader should be "kinder and gentler."

Poor Ken though, these internets sure are tricky for him, because he's 100 percent wrong (from Internet Archive circa September 2004):

Chris Gregoire was raised in Auburn by her mom, who made a living as a short-order cook. She worked her way through college with a job at a print shop and earned a teaching certificate before attending law school. Chris shares our views and values. She'll lead Washington in the right direction.

I guess in 2004 she wasn't interested in packaging herself as "professional and in charge."

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Mark Derricott said...

What about giving a driver's license to a 72 year old?

We know he's going to have an accident....