Friday, November 21, 2008

Show Jeff Kingsbury some love today

UPDATE: More threads here at Olympia Standard, Olyblog and Olyforums. Show your support folks!

Because he needs it.

Today's going to be hard for Jeff, one of our city council members, not just because he's dealing with this, but because of all the talk that is going to surround it, a significant portion of that negative.

So, do your part and take part in the conversation in a positive way.

Here's a message I sent around to friends this morning:
I'm sure most of you have already heard about the vile hate mail that targeted Jeff Kingsbury in the last few days.

Please show your support for Jeff in the discussion going on right now in various places online around town. Here are is the link to comment thread at the Olympian where you can show your support for Jeff

I'll forward more threads when they pop up if you're interested.

Just a few thoughts on how to best respond:

There will be negative comments towards Jeff, please do not directly take on this posters or engage in a "flame war." This is exactly what they want you to do, to rise to the bait.

Instead, make sure you contact the forum administrators or editors so they can take the hateful, hurtful comments down. This is especially true for comment threads on the Olympian, as they have well laid out rules for their threads.
A simple positive message that you support Jeff and that he's in your thoughts and/or prayers should do. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Some of us actually know Jeff Kingsbury's history of bad behavior here and it is not surprising to me that he has alienated a huge part of the community. I have "known" him via teens and various people who have been heavily involved with Capital Playhouse and the city council for years in Olympia. Others simply haven't and wouldn't believe the dark side of his track record, but this last incident, and the manner in which he dealt with Joe Hyer was hypocritical to say the least! And this was just the tip of the iceberg. In my opinion, it's the last straw. I don't hate the man, but I am surely not going to support any of his endeavors as he is grandstanding in an obnoxiously untruthful manner. He is a hypocrite who has done a number of immoral things through the years. It is a fact and no mystery to some of us who have been "loosely" associated with him for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps most people are not aware, but during police survelliance, over 80 people came and left over the course of an hour from Joe Hyer's house and all spent less than 5 minutes there. He was selling to all sorts of MIDDLE SCHOOL children in his area, yes, MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILDREN. How, exactly, was the manner in which Jeff dealt with Joe hypocritical in any way?? How should he have handled the fact that he was told by Joe that he had a grow operation that was supplying kids in the area? Should he have just politely asked Joe to stop and hope for the best? And tip of "what" iceberg are you referring to? What about him is "immoral"? Him being gay? Is that what you meant? If so, who cares if he is gay, that certainly isn't immoral. Are you implying he broke the law in some manner "through the years"? And what "dark side of his track record"? Geeze, people like to imply and accuse, but even when posting "anonymous" comments as above, you can't even cite what you are talking about. The only people that could possibly have anything against Jeff are people who disagree with his political standings, are offended by the fact that he is gay, or they are disgruntled because he didn't cast them in a show that they wanted to be in. I was born in Olympia, and lived here most of my almost 50 years. Having been around Jeff many times, and having worked with him many times, I find all of this heresay to be trumped up gossip. Ridiculous. Perhaps people should get the LITERAL FACTS about the situation, and not form opinions based on gossip.