Wednesday, December 03, 2008

All the District 3 applications are online (plus Ken doens't like Corrine)

Give credit to Ken Camp, our District 3 PCO, blogger and googling King, for digging these up.

Here's the entire list of applications plus some supporting material from the TCD website. I've also tried to upload everything to scribd for much easier reading here.

While he was at it, Ken decided to lay into one of the applications, Corrine Tobeck:

But, let’s face some facts. There are over 10 candidates running for the appointment to this position. Corinne was a school board director in Tumwater for 17 years, but was only opposed once in those 17 years. How much campaigning did she really have to do? She may know something of campaigning, but running virtually unopposed is much different from running in a crowded field. As someone who has done some high-level campaign work, Corinne’s campaign experience cannot be a huge factor in whether or not she is appointed. She hasn’t proven she can win a tough election, yet. What Corinne should be emphasizing is years of experience as an elected official, who had to make budget decisions.

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