Monday, December 01, 2008

The initial list of county commissioner applicants (who are these guys?)

I feel like one of the guys at the beginning of Major League looking at the roster of the Cleveland Indians.

Well, not totally, but of the list of 10 people who have put in their names so far for the soon-to-be open county commission seat, I recognized three. And, only two of those were on anyone's lists that I've seen.

Here's the list I got tonight at the county party re-organization meeting (I apologize for any misspellings, I wrote these down quickly as they were read out loud):

Mary Moore (LWV board member)
Eric Landen
Karen Valenzuela (Tumwater City Council)
Susan Bogni (Bob Macleod's assistant)
Jack Turner (county surface water board member)
Jacqui Brown-Miller (lobbied for a community values ordinance)
Richard Embe (likes yelling at the radio)
Corinne Tobeck (former Tumwater School Board and former Tumwater Chamber executive director)
Sharon Coontz
Ed Crawford

I also heard that Jeff Dickison, a former port commissioner, also sent in a letter today. In the interest of total disclosure, Jeff and I work together.

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