Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PCO silence on open county commission seat

Crickets so far, aside from Ken and I, in terms of the county commissioner application process.

So, frustrated, I write off an email to my fellow precinct committee officers. I mean, if we're the ones that are going to send a list off the to the county commissioners from them to pick from, the least we can do is take the process seriously:

I've been wondering what standards people are putting towards the applicants for the open county commission seat. I'll be honest, I'm judging differently than I would if I was choosing a candidate to support. In that case, I'd look for someone I think would be an effective legislator second and someone whose policies I would support first.

In this case, I'm looking for someone who can "do the job," who has proven through elected office that they're responsible stewards. Participation in regional boards comes second, campaign experience a close third.

Speaking of the difference between a campaign and this appointment process, since we're subverting an actual public campaign, the lack of discussion so far between PCOs in a public forum is troubling. Since we're representing the voters in some regard here, we have a responsibility to discuss in a public setting this public.

There have been several blog posts written on the various candidates, one at least on our own blog. Please comment there ( Or, at least lets talk amongst ourselves on this email list.

This sort of gets at what one of the applicants, Jeff Dickison (who I work with), wrote in a comment over at Ken's blog:

I am frankly astounded at the deafening silence. Mere weeks after one of the greatest activist elections in history it is as if everyone has packed up their political antennae and gone home.

In the two email lists available for PCOs, there has been a smattering of discussion, but nothing substantial. This is disappointing to say the least. To say more, its freaking me out.

I feel we're on the verge of making a bad decision.

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