Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rep. Williams not going to be on final commission applicant list

From the Olympian:
I've said before that the term "political career" is an insult to those working men and women who are struggling to support their families.
I don't really accept this frame that if you serve in public office for awhile, that you're doing something bad. Sometimes it takes a long time to get things done and being in elected office is service, not careerism. Especially what we're paying electeds nowadays.

But, either way, he's not applying. He would have been a good one, I think.


Ken Camp said...

That statement by Rep. Williams is part of the problem. There is nothing wrong with good people dedicating their lives to public service or a "political career". The problem comes when those lifers believe they're entitled to power, or money, or fame due to their position and when they lose touch with the people who elected them.

Ken Camp said...

And one more thing....Rep. Williams may have been a good one. And definitely more qualified than most of the people on the list.

Anonymous said...

Steven Drew said:

Rep. Williams would have been a great and contributing member of the commission. I was shocked when I learned that stronger candidates did not apply. The job does pay well, but will not offer much fun over the next few years as the budget continues to shrink even as the demand for services grows.
At first glance, no one jumps out as having both the skills for the job and a clear provan desire and ability to hold the seat in the election just one year from now.