Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rich Nafiziger, state Democratic senate caucus chief of staff and blog father

To me, there's a striking resemblance between former Olympia school board member Richard Nafziger's on-again-off-again blog and the new blog of the state Senate Democrats (mostly penned by majority leader Lisa Brown).

Makes a lot of sense for Nafziger to be Brown's blog father, but the similar blogging styles almost makes you think that its Brown's chief of staff that's doing the blogging. Both write long (almost too long) and really smart discussion posts, rather than short, clippy newsy posts. I would assume that the short clipply post would better serve a legislative caucus blog.

Nafziger's current personal blog has only two posts up on it, though he's been blogging for at least three years. But, on the internet, nothing is really gone. I've subscribed to his blog since before he quit the school board, so I shared some of his old deleted posts here.

To me, it doesn't matter at all if Nafziger is really doing the blogging. Good on him, good on the caucus, good on Brown.

The only thing I'd like to see improved is the length of the posts. In my internet reading habit, I've never been able to get my head around his posts in time to comment, though I'd like to.

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