Monday, January 05, 2009


From Jackie Barrett Sharar (via email) supporting Susan Bogni for the ye ol'open county commission seat:
Susan has never ever come across the table at colleagues or attempt to put them in choke holds nor does she have a short fuse and doesn't engage in demagoguery. We've disagreed but I have never ever found Susan to be disagreeable. She is always respectful and always kind. As Obama says we need leaders that can disagree without being disagreeable. We need unity so we can all move on with our progressive agenda.
Who put someone in a chokehold? If one of Susan's qualifications is that she's never physically assaulted someone, then I guess I feel... safe?

Operation full court Bogni is in full effect. In addition to the above email (which was much longer), my wife took a phone call for me at home from "Nancy" reminding me about tonight's meeting and hoping that Susan has my vote.

Well, only if I can be 100 perent sure she's never kicked a co-worker in the shins, ok?


Mark Derricott said...

Ugh. I am none too pleased with this development. I am in the process of writing my thoughts on the forum and the Obama dropping, not to mention a quick rant about representative democracy, but perhaps the prudent thing to do is not say something mean about the incoming commissioner.


Emmett said...

If you can't say something not nice about someone who might be an appointed elected official, what does THAT say about our democracy?

Mark Derricott said...

Touche. I shall assume my democratic responsibility and post away.