Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ken Balsley and dominating political women

In his instantly out of date piece today, Ken says:

Thurston County is unique in politics. It’s become the norm that women run and are elected. As a matter of fact, being a woman on the ballot, here in Thurston County, gives the candidate a five point edge before the campaign even starts.

So Brendan William's absolute shellacking of not only Ann Burgman, but also sound defeat of three other Democratic women in the primary in 2004 is based on what?

I guess you could argue that the Democratic women split the "Ken Balsley +5 percent vote," but could you honestly say that a sitting Lacey city councilmember who ran an aggressive, centrist campaign would have done worse if she were a man? Hardly, she lost because the 22nd LD is strongly Democratic and even a well funded Republican gets shellacked, no matter their sex.

Thurston County happens to have a lot of succesful women politicians, because their happen to be women in politics.


Anonymous said...

I hope I get a chance to vote against Kenny boy.

Anonymous said...

Balsley is an idiot. He's whats wrong with Lacey and its little sewing circle of cronies. Ken calls his news the "real news" but its just a bunch of one sided opinionated piece of nonstop crap coming out of Ken's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Ken. You can't be saying that in the 22nd Legislative District, woman can get elected, only if they're Democrat(?). Ann Burgman has long shown herself as a truly fine person, a capable public servant and has demonstrated a strong constitution in her role in serving the public through the Lacey Council and it's agency oversight board responsibilities. I get your point that gender appreciation only goes so deep in the game of political sides.