Saturday, February 07, 2009

The 5 sad things about the Olympia Bulletin

1. He's paying attention to the right things, but the way he writes about them (not backup to his statements, writing the same post day after day just changing names) makes him look silly. I think the Transportation Benefit District is downright important, especially as it concerns the balance between impact fees and fees to drivers, but he's making an ass out of the issue with his posts.

2. The blogger "Patrick" is anonymous. If you're going to say something like what you're saying, be accountable for it.

3. Your blog is called "Olympia Bulletin." Do you really need to put a dateline at the front of each of your fake news posts? At best its amateur hour, at worst its like you know better but just don't care. I mean, could you possibly be talking about councilmember Joe Hyer in Olympia, California?

4. He did a great thing with his blog aggregator, but by skipping over using links in his posts, he ignores the blog conversation around him.

5. Repeating #2. Anonymous blogging, especially when the wheel house of what you're doing is ripping people down is annoying. I guess I'm ok with it when all you're doing is attacking George W. Bush or some other distant figure, but when you're attacking a local person, it makes you no better than "Truther." Be accountable to your words, come out from behind being anonymous.

I really appreciate local blogging. I really really appreciate it and I've praised OB in the past (here and here). I'm just sick of bad, anonymous local blogging too.

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Mark Derricott said...

I give in; but this post doesn't take away the suckiness, just the anonymity: