Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Erik Landaas kicks off outside the district

Erik Landaas is running for county commissioner in the third commissioner district, but he's starting his campaign way outside the district way over east in the Lacey Community Center.

And, his website is ugly too. Frames? Seriously?!

Here's a short list of locations Landaas could have considered:
  • The Viewpoint room at Tugboat Annies.
  • The Black Lake Grange Hall.
  • Practically any bar, restaurant or pizza joint in Tumwater.
  • El Sarape, for example, has a big back room. Its on Capitol Way in Tumwater.
  • Ballyhoos. Nice place.
  • Erik Landaas's house. He lives in the district!
I know, the seat is elected by the entire county in the general, but he first has to win the primary, which is elected by the district. And, at least theoretically, commissioners are elected to represent their districts. So it sends a bad message to not start running in your district.

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