Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joe Hyer('s campaign) wants your conversation

Joe Hyer has a campaign spot on facebook and he's using it to get some feedback on issues.

You can see the short conversation on the isthmus park here. You can join in if you sign up for facebook and join his group.

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Anonymous said...

I found my way here after seeing the name of Joe Hyer attached to a pretty disturbing suggestion of his was recited in The Olympian. The article is called, "Problem vacant lot stirs Olympia city council" From the article: Councilman Joe Hyer asked, "Why can't we just issue a condemnation ordinance? Buy the property, clean it up and resell it? At this point that seems like the cheapest, simplest thing for the city to do." Am I the only one who thought his idea to seize what I presume to be the only asset of this woman, callous and elitist thinking? She faces maybe $1500 in fines. This guy clearly would abuse power, if allowed. Can any explanation excuse such a mean-spirited suggestion?