Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 reasons why MLS PDX is a much better idea than MLB PDX

I was an enemy of Portland getting a major league baseball team from way back (even before this). But, them getting a MLS team is a much better idea. I hope they get one, at least so we can kick their asses around another whole level of soccer.

1. Know your town. For awhile there, Portland was a Single A affiliate to the Rockies. The Portland Rockies. Single A. Didn't draw well as memory serves.

Even though the Beavers have been back in recent years, Portland has a much better track record of soccer town than a baseball town.

2. Know your league. For as much as I'd like to play up the significance of MLS, it is still very much an emerging league. So, while the NFL and MLB are safely ensconced in the economics of regional monopolies, MLS teams are much better served by building up regional rivalries.

Very few Portland soccer fans would travel up to Seattle to deliberately root for the Sounders, so the only way for the league to capitalize on soccer fans in Oregon is to put a team there.

3. Know your t.v. contract. MLB=regional cable, such as Fox Sports Northwest. MLS=local broadcast affiliate, like King 5/Kong 16. No cross-over into the Portland t.v. market.

4. Know your town #2. Almost unspeakable truth that Portland is different than saaaaaaay Cincinnati, right? I'm just saying that culturally, Portland is more a soccer town than a baseball town. See chapter 10 in How Soccer Explains the World.

5. Know your ass kicking. Come on Portland, come and get it. You know you miss us. You know you want to lose to us again in league.

Come on...

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