Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ken Camp's Tumwater coverage

Wondering about the continuing musical chairs that is still occurring since Bob Macleod resigned from the county commission in December?

Ken has the scoop on all the folks who want to fill Karen Valenzuela's seat on the Tumwater City Council. Karen filled Bob's seat on the commission (Ken did a pretty good job covering that process too).

Here's a particularly good graph:

I have to say that for someone who has served on the planning commission, and presumable made recommendations to the city council, I’m surprised that Ed didn’t take the time to ensure he spelled Commissioner Valenzuela’s name correctly. It also wouldn’t have hurt him to take care of some of the other misspellings and wrong verb tenses in the application too.

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Ken Camp said...

And so what's good for Ed is good for me too. Presumably, Ken would have run spell check and noticed he misspelled presumably, before posting on his blog.

I'm fixing the error now.