Thursday, March 12, 2009

This week in metonymizing Olympia

1. The Other Side withOlympia is not closing Universities (so far) just shredding the social safety net…. Sorry about your social safety net, not sure how we got the authority to do that. But, to be honest, we'd never close a University, we'd actually like one of our own. Our four year school is just a lousy college.

2. Washington Conservation Voters (March 10) with an email titled "Have you called Olympia?" I do, practically everyday!

3. And, Richard Roesler at the SR politics blog with Idaho continues to loom on Olympia's radar... It is such a big state Rich, and we're such a small city, they all seem to loom on our radar. Except Rhode Island.


Anonymous said...

I would think Roesler's blog itself, by virtue of its metonymic title, would be dead to you.

Emmett said...

@KIT, Yes, I've never really put a finger on that one, but its important to read the people who get it wrong. I guess.

This isn't such a serious thing that anyone would be "dead" to me. ;)