Monday, April 27, 2009

Olympia WA (Rancid) by a band that's never been

Well, I'm just guessing that the three fellas of Fitchburg Punx have never been to Olympia. But their straight-through but not so bad rendition of Olympia, WA lacks that sort of loneliness and homesickness that really makes this song worth it.

Like I said, not bad, but with the flourish at the end especially, they miss the emotional point of the song.

Now this band is funny for me too, because the one punk rocker that I actually know personally spent a few years in Olympia is just from down the road of these guys. Joe Riot of Chanticlear is from Haverill, Mass. and I met him about 10 years back in Olympia.

Now Joe would be able to play a totally ironic version of Olympia, WA. Not that I didn't enjoy having him around, but I think he'd rather be somewhere not Olympia.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be in Olympia,Wa anyday.This Ma place still sucks.
We might hit it on the road in 2010.I believe I owe you a drink or 2,my good friend.

Lots of Love,
Joe Riot

Unknown said...

Fitchburg Punx is kind of a lame name for a band too... they can have one of mine. Incontinental Breakfast.