Sunday, April 26, 2009

Worst metonymizer of Olympia digest

Rich Roesler was top of the table, many points clear as they say in the soccer world in the race for worst metonymizer of Olympia. Even Rich's blog name and url were metonymy. But, in the last few days, Steven Gardener of the Bremerton Sun's Kitsap Caucus blog has grabbed the title.

1. Champion Gardener: "Last Minute Olympia Gamesmanship." We got game, we are Olympia. And, you should see our manship too, its pretty good.

2. Again, champ Gardener: "Olympia’s Deadline Looms and We’re Here to Watch". Damn right I have a deadline. You have until Monday morning, you all better be out of town or I'm calling your own towns and they're going to have to drive down here to take you back.

3. And, last week weird progressive metonymy: Chad Shue with "Hello Olympia, it's time for the tax talk." Hi Chad, personally, I'm uncomfortable with that sort of conversation with you. Please, take it up with your King County state representative please.

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