Thursday, May 28, 2009

humble Pat Beehler walks on water (and nets $4k)

Boy, the prose just paints the picture, doesn't it?
More than 100 local Republicans arrived early Tuesday morning to trump support for Thurston County Commissioner District 3 candidate Pat Beehler’s Campaign Kickoff breakfast at the Tumwater Tyee Center.

With only 10 days of planning, the high attendance exceeded the anticipated 50 – 80 people turnout.
20 more people showed up.

Surrounded by his family, Beehler humbly rose from his table to ask local Republicans for their support to reform local government currently secured by Democrats.

This was after they ran out of coffee, so Beehler made more from water. And, coffee grounds.

Citing the current commissioners’ focus on micro-management, Beehler said, "My profession has forced me to see the big picture and that’s exactly what local government leaders have to do."

Micromanagement = writing budgets.
“Government should be of laws rather than of men,” that is, laws based on society rather than partisan agendas.
People don't write laws, society writes law. Or is it that laws write laws. Whatever it is, neither men nor parties write laws, said the humble Republican.
The second drew inspiration from Beehler’s mother Rita saying, “Service to humanity is the best work of life.” This has since been a benchmark for the Republican candidate.
See? He said it, "Republican." That doesn't mean he's a partisan or that humanity includes people, because government doesn't include any people. Or men.

And, after all that humility and stuff, people still write him $4,000 (via the PDC, not Pat himself) in checks towards his campaign. What a guy.

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