Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet Pat Beehler, your Republican candidate for county commissioner

So, what do we know about this guy? Not a bunch.

The Thurston County Republicans announced his kick-off in a few weeks, implying his has the "right hands" to run the county. Of course, winning one-third of the commission won't exactly mean Pat's in charge, but that is just simple math.

Here's the description from his meetup page for his kick-off:

Pat Beehler is a long-time resident of Thurston County, and is an established community leader. He will bring balance to the County Commission with his quiet and respectful style of leadership. If you don't know Pat, come to the breakfast and learn about his plan to win!

For work, Pat's the "director of survey" locally for WHPacific, an architecture firm.

His campaign treasurer is a lobbyist at the legislature, Linda Matson.

Here's his facebook profile, oddly linked to from his campaign site. Nothing campaign related there, but he seemed to have signed up for it just as soon as he decided to run. It may surprise you, but after checking I have no friends in common with Pat. One of his friends seems to be wearing a cape though.

And, he's a Rotarian.


Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight, Judy Wilson is Pat's treasurer.

Thanks for pointing out that Pat is a Rotarian. Locally they buy musical instruments for schools, donate to the food bank, etc. Globally, they take on huge eforts like eradicating polio and smaller efforts like drilling wells in Africa. I appreciate the work that Pat and others in service clubs do to make our world a better place.

Emmett said...

Linda Matson was listed as treasurer on his original C1. On the most current c3, Wilson is listed as treasurer.
The original C1 is not online at the pdc anymore, so they probably took it down to replace it with a more current one.

Makes you wonder though, why waste Wilson's time with filling out the books? She's an experienced candidate and one of the few Republicans that have been elected recently in Thurston County. Wouldn't you rather have her as committee chair? Or is Beehler's organization really than thin?

Anonymous said...

I was glad to meet you this evening. This alone encourages me to vote for you in November. In fact, I will.

One thought about your handout: if it will be reprinted, please think about changing the second paragraph, second sentence as follows: from "A quality plan is critical….;" to "A high quality plan is critical…," adding the word high. All things have quality: some are poor; some mediocre, etc.

Hope you don't mind the suggestion.

I tried to send the above to, but the message was rejected.

George Weirich
5526 Trosper Lake St. SW
Tumwater, WA 98512-7285

360 753-6295