Friday, May 29, 2009

Pat Beehler, your press releases are just a bit creepy

I thought it was just me, but I confirmed it with independent and knowledgeable sources, whoever is writing his press releases has a touch of the creepy in his pen:

Thurston County Commissioner Republican candidate Pat Beehler joined a crowd of community leaders to help support the 7th Annual Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County Foundation for the Future fundraiser this morning at the St. Martin’s Pavilion.“It is a shared privilege and honor to serve the community and focus on its future - the youth,” said Beehler who provided survey work for the Tumwater club’s building construction in 2001 and is hopeful of the proposed Olympia clubhouse.


The Tumwater High School Jazz Band serenaded the guests and speakers with upbeat tempos at the beginning of the annual event. Beehler who sat near the band was personally appreciative of their presence. The Republican candidate recounted volunteering backstage at a local Rotary Jazz Festival at the Washington Center which featured local high school bands.

Ok, and here's the funny thing. The piece itself isn't all that bad. A candidate saying how much he likes the Boys and Girls club is a really good thing, but not as a freaking press release. Do you honestly believe that the Olympian is going to run anything pointing out Beehler's love for a civic organization? Ever? Maybe if it was the KKK, but not the Boys and Girls Club.

But, if you take the press release, remove all the press-releasy language and added form (like contact info) and then put in the first person and you make it a blog post. A blog post or a campaign diary including reflections on mundane campaign activities is way more appropriate and less creepy than a press release on the same topic. And less self important.


Anonymous said...

It's completely appropriate for Pat to be getting the word out about his campaign. Press release, blog post, thank you letter or any other type of communication, what does it matter?

He's been deeply involved in the community for a long time, is a well respected and competent leader.

I'm glad that his campaign team is writing about what he's doing. His involvement is relevant and valuable to our community.

Emmett said...

Yeah, but there are better ways to "get the word out" than waste time with Beehler's impression of the B&GC in a press release. Like I said, a blog post with pictures (!) of Beehler actually attending the event would have been much more effective and much less creepy.

But, please, don't construe this as actual constructive advice, I hope he loses.