Monday, June 01, 2009

Karen Rogers, you're doing it right

Just in case you were wondering if I was picking on Pat Beehler for being creepy just because I don't like him, here's what he should have done. There might be a few too many items in this particular post from Karen Rogers (for Olympia City Council), but this is exactly how this sort of campaigny updatey thing should be done.

I especially like her writing about doorbelling:

Some of the things that I heard this week:

* Like the new parks and want them built as soon as possible.
* Slow traffic down.
* Do something about the traffic congestion.
* Having trouble finding a job.
* We must bring in new industry and new jobs.
* Want someone in office who has the time and energy to do the job.
* We must revitalize downtown.
* Olympia needs a new, integrated plan for downtown.
* The Isthmus rezone is horrible.
* The Isthmus rezone is necessary.

I know Karen has been getting some pretty good advice on her web stuff, and its good to see that she's not only paying attention but putting it to work.

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