Monday, June 01, 2009

Ok back to making fun of Pat Beehler

From the Pat Beehler "I'm signing paperwork to run for county commissioner event" this morning.

"I'm so excited"

"I just can't hide it"

"Can someone pass me a donut, so I can find a reason to be out here this morning and like it?"

Swear to God, I don't go looking for this stuff. I subscribed to the RSS feed on his website and now they're even emailing these things to me. And, I was really ready to ignore whatever was written on this morning. Couldn't help it.

The cross-section of supporters, the youngest in a stroller...
So, you count a kid that was brought to the event as a supporter?

“Pat [Beehler] knows to cue in and clean up the budget issues of our county,” supporter Mike Edwards exclaimed to the early-risers of Monday morning’s tailgate.

I really looked around for what "cue in" means. I did, couldn't come up with it. Maybe its a pool term? Or maybe its supposed to mean "clue in."

At exactly the 9th hour on Monday morning, Beehler officiated his candidacy for Thurston County Commissioner District 3.
O.k., beyond just the phrase "At exactly the 9th hour," there is something else wrong with this sentence. If you can tell me what it is, I'll give you a Pat Beehler signed donut from this morning's event. Promise.


Anonymous said...

I'm a little lost as to the amount of time & venom expended on Pat. I know blogs are supposed to be a little out there. . . but your posts almost cause me to pick up the Daily Zero.

Emmett said...

Well, I'm glad you were able to hold off from glancing at the Olympian, I guess.

But, the time I spend on Pat is just for fun. Seriously, there is just so much fun stuff from him.