Monday, June 29, 2009

One more thing about Karen Veldheer

How weird is it that she links to her family businesses on her campaign website?


Anonymous said...

What is so weird about it?

Emmett said...

I think because there might not be a specific rule or law against it, using campaign donations to benefit your own bank account is at least morally wrong.

She's using a website paid for by her campaign to advertise her private business. Its shady.

Emmett said...

Here's the actual RCW:

While it doesn't prohibit what she does, it does imply that campaigns and campaign funds aren't supposed to be a personal benefit to the candidate.

Unknown said...

I am curious as to why this is so shady.

It is out in the open: Karen is demonstrating her business acumen by presenting her businesses to the public.

Danielle Westbrook said...

I'm guessing she just doesn't know any better.